What Is A+ Content on Amazon?

Amazon A+ content leads to higher sales and revenue through enhanced customer engagement and increased product visibility. Read on to learn more about Amazon A+
What is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ Content replaces boring textual product descriptions with rich content. It uses various A+ content modules to achieve visually better-looking product descriptions. A well-designed A+ page can showcase products in a more engaging and informative way resulting in an improved conversion rate and more sales.

A+ content can include advanced product description layouts, brand introduction modules, high-quality images, product comparison tables, better page designs, and product graphics. This type of content is designed to help sellers differentiate their products and provide a better shopping experience for customers.

Is Amazon A+ Content Worth It?

A rich-content product page with A+ is better than a plain text description; however, poorly designed Aplus content will tank sales and do more harm than good. Professionally designed Amazon A+ content that complies with A+ content guidelines improves customer engagement time with your product pages, increases sales, and additionally provides the following benefits:

Improved Conversion Rate

A+ content can help improve the conversion rate of your product listings. In simple words, you can generate more sales from the same amount of audience because you have a better content presentation on your product page. Amazon estimates a sales boost of 5%; however, we observe a higher percentage increase in sales with effective copywriting, CTAs, and professionally designed graphics.

Better Ranking is Amazon Search

Amazon algorithms take notice of improving conversion rates. Higher sales mean improved product BSR and resultantly better ranking in Amazon Search Result Pages. A sales-optimized A+ design results in kicking off the flywheel, leading to more traffic and sales.

Brand Growth

Enhanced Brand Content or A+ product pages help improve the Brand image, building customer loyalty and repeat purchase behavior. Use the Brand Story feature in EBC to present consistent branding across all your product pages.

Amazon A+ converts the simple text description into a rich content area, as depicted in the image below:

Amazon A+ converts the simple text description into a rich content area.
Amazon A+ Page Example

How do you get A+ content on Amazon?

Amazon A+ Content feature is available to Professional Sellers who have been approved as brand owners through the Amazon Brand Registry or be part of Amazon Launchpad or Exclusives program. If approved for A+, you can access A+ Content Manager on Amazon Seller Central. There is no fee for access to the A+ content manager.

Access to A+ Content Manager allows you to create A+ Pages. Use various A+ modules to plan a layout. You can create A+ pages yourself or use the services of Amazon A+ page designers. In either case, use high-quality product graphics, brand-themed design elements, and beautiful creatives to benefit from an Aplus page.

What is an A+ Content Module?

An A+ Content Module is a pre-designed template that is easy to use and can be added to a product detail page with just a few clicks. Modules allow the creation of A+ pages by displaying information using rich text, high-quality images, and tabular form.

How many Modules are in Amazon A+ Content?

There are 17 Modules in Amazon A+; However, only seven can be used on an A+ Page. While creating A+ Content Pages, you can use the modules in any way you like to create a unique design to enhance the customer experience and provide more information about the product.

Types & Sizes of Amazon A+ Content Modules

A+ Modules can include rich product descriptions, high-quality images, product comparisons, and image overlays. There are several different types of A+ Modules that sellers can choose from. The various types of modules and their sizes are

  • Logo – 600×180 pixels. The logo module can be used only once on an A+ Page.
  • Product Comparison Chart – Image Size: 150×300 pixels. Min 2 and Max 6 products can be compared.
  • Background Image with Text Overlay – Image: 970×300 pixels. There are two modules with this structure. One has a dark overlay, while the other has a light overlay.
  • Image Header With Text – Header Image: 970×600 pixels. A large image header with a rich text content area underneath it.
  • Four Image & Text – Image Size: 220×220 pixels. Four images in a row with headlines and body text underneath.
  • Four Image & Text Quadrant – Image Size: 135×135 pixels. Quadrant display with image, headline & body text in each quadrant.
  • Multiple Image Module A – Image Size: 300×300 pixels. A headline and description accompany each image. 4 Image sections are allowed. Thumbnails at the bottom of the module allow the selection of the image section.
  • Single Image & Highlights / Single Image & Specs Details  – Image Size: 300 x 300 pixels. Both modules can highlight product features, specs, or product benefits.
  • Single Image & Sidebar – Main Image:300×400 pixels, Sidebar Image: 350×175 pixels. A headline, subheadline, body text & bullet points accompany the main Image.
  • Single Image Left &  Right – Image Size: 300×300 pixels. Both modules have a single image on one side and a headline & text area underneath on the other.
  • Three Images & Text – Image Size: 300×300 pixels. Three columns with image on top and headline & body text below it.
  • Technical Specifications. The module has no image. It has a top headline accompanied by an area underneath, where 4(minimum) to 16(maximum) specifications with titles & definitions can be added. 
  • Product description and standard text modules to include formattable rich text.

Excerpt from Amazon A+ Content Guidelines


Does A+ Content Help SEO?

Yes, A+ content affects Amazon SEO. A+ content is searchable and can help improve discoverability; Use text fields across modules, and also remember to insert descriptive Image Keywords (alt-text) for each uploaded image.

Is Amazon A+ the same as Amazon Brand Store?

No, Amazon A+ displays the enhanced brand content on product pages, while the Amazon Store program allows the registered brands to create a professional Amazon Storefront design. Both A+ & Amazon Storefront require the brand to be registered with Amazon Brand Registry. Amazon + is displayed on the Product Listing while Store is accessed through its independent URL like https://www.amazon.com/anker.

How to upload and manage A+ content on Amazon?

Within Amazon Seller Central, use A+ Content Manager to upload, edit & manage the A+ content. On the A+ Content Manager page, you can click on ‘Start creating A+ content’ to create a new A+ page. Once you complete the A+ page setup, the next step is to assign ASINs to this newly created A+ page and finally submit it for review and approval by Amazon.

A+ Content Manager in Amazon Seller Central

Can we add a video in A+ content?

Video capability is available in the Premium A+ Content. The Basic A+ content page does not have a provision to add a video.

Why is A+ content important?

A+ Content can greatly benefit Amazon sellers by increasing their product visibility, strengthening brand recognition, and enhancing customer engagement. This, in turn, can lead to higher sales and revenue for the seller.

How much does Amazon A+ content cost?

For eligible brands, there is no cost to access the A+ content manager or create an A+ page. A well-optimized, high-quality A+ page will require professional design services, which may cost you depending upon the service you use. You can learn more about the budget-friendly best A+ content design service for Amazon sellers offered by Seller Adventures.

How much does A+ content increase sales?

Amazon’s internal data reveals a potential sales increase of 5%; however, actual sales boost due to A+ content depends upon the design quality of A+, product performance (existing niche bestsellers see a lower percentage increase in sales), and repeat purchase-ability of the product. In our experience, a well-designed A+ Page can boost sales by up to 10%-15% but remember that A+ is primarily a tool to improve conversion. You will still need an optimized marketing strategy to drive traffic to your product pages.

If done correctly, Amazon A+ can be a good sales booster for your products. By offering a more detailed and engaging shopping experience, A+ Modules can help sellers differentiate their products and stand out in a competitive market. Use A+ content to create product pages that explain your listings better and improve customer engagement, leading to higher sales and revenue.

Share your thoughts, or let us know through the comment section below if you have any questions.

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