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Amazon Australia launches garden store

Online retail giant add more pressure to local businesses by opening its Garden store on Australian marketplace. The new garden store was rolled out on Tuesday and adds to the Amazon Australia’s existing collection of electronics, clothing and domestic products.

While talking to media the Australian chief highlighted that the Australian marketplace already boosts more than 125 million products and the newly launched ‘Garden’ store adds to this inventory by offering a range of enticing outdoor products from gardening equipment to pool supplies to patio furniture to BBQs.

According to report by UBS, Since Amazon’s arrival in December 2017, online spending has increased and now accounts for 9 per cent of total retail sales in Australia, The “Amazon impact” has led to Aussie businesses investing in online data to counteract the US company’s online prowess but on the upside, Amazon is acting as a catalyst accelerating the rate of online penetration.

This change in consumer behavior is being driven by young shoppers wanting better pricing and convenience with electronics, baby products and clothing. Online penetration is expected to increase to 14 per cent by 2023,

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