Understand Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR)

You must have noticed that all products have Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR). BSR is calculated for multiple categories and subcategories; however, only top-performing categories are displayed on the Amazon product page.
Learn what is Amazon Best Sellers Rank?

All products on Amazon have a Best Sellers Rank (BSR). For each product, BSR is calculated for multiple categories and subcategories; however, only top-performing BSR categories are displayed on the product page. Take the example of a fitness tracker digital bracelet. It will show up in different categories like Activity & Fitness Trackers, Activity, Health & Wellness Monitors, Electronics & Gadgets, and the top-level Sports & Outdoors category.

What is Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR)?

Amazon maintains a continuously changing rank of products based on their sales, known as the Amazon Best Sellers Rank (BSR).

An Amazon Seller must know the following facts about the Amazon BSR:-

  • BSR is updated hourly.
  • BSR is calculated based on Amazon sales. It reflects both recent and historical sales.
  • BSR is separately calculated for each category and subcategory.
  • BSR is relative to the competition; On any given day, if your sales are the same as the previous day, your BSR still varies depending upon the sales performance of your competitor.
  • BSR is calculated on order count, not unit count.

Which is better a higher or lower BSR?

Lower BSR indicates better Sales performance. A product with a BSR of 1 in a category is the best seller. You should aim for a lower BSR for your products as a seller.

For a private label seller, achieving top #1 to #100 in top-level categories is extremely difficult owing to competition with established brands and high advertising budgets. But, with a well-planned strategy, optimized product listings, and professional management of marketing, making it to the Top-100 Best Sellers list in the sub-category can be easily achieved. 

What factors affect Best Seller Rank?

Amazon hasn’t disclosed much information about how BSR is calculated or what factors influence change in a product’s BSR in each category. But based on the observation and analysis of BSR movements over a period, we have concluded that three factors affect the Best Seller Rank.

  1. Sales Performance (Current and Historical)
  2. Competing Product Performance.
  3. Niche performance in the overall marketplace

How To Use the Best Seller Rank Information?

BSR indicates the sales performance of a product. It can give you valuable information during various phases of selling on Amazon. A few use cases can be:-

  • Product Research: Sellers can use the BSR to determine the product and niche performance during product research. A niche with lower BSR products has much higher customer demand as compared to the one with products having higher BSR.
  • Sales Estimation: Use BSR to estimate sales of any product. Keep in mind that BSR is calculated independently for each category. A product with a BSR of 500 in the ‘Home & Garden’ Category will have a different sales number than the same BSR in the ‘Sports & Outdoor’ category.
  • Competitor Research: Track your competitor’s BSR to monitor their sales performance. Keep track of your competition over time to build a wholesome picture of sales performance.

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