Use Amazon Posts for Organic Sales Growth

Amazon Posts is a powerful tool for registered Brands to promote their products and engage with customers on Amazon. It can help you take your brand to the next level. Use posts to showcase your products: increase their reach and sell more.
Use Amazon Pots for Organic Sales

Do you ever wonder why we spend so much time on social media? Stunning visuals, straightforward layout, and algorithm keep us engaged by popping up relevant content. In 2019, Amazon added a similar feature called Posts on its USA marketplace. This free tool lets brands and sellers show off their products as they do on social media.

What is the Amazon Brand Posts program?

Amazon Posts, also called Brand Posts, is a program that allows businesses to showcase their products and connect with customers. It is similar to social media platforms like Instagram but focuses solely on product discovery and shopping. Customers can follow brands or explore auto-generated hashtags to find new products and updates.

Brands that publish well-designed posts experience increased visibility and reach new potential customers without spending anything on advertisements. Amazon Posts allow the sellers to show beautiful product visuals and add captions, just like on social media. It helps catch the visitor’s attention, which leads them to buy the product. Read on to explore how you can benefit from Amazon Posts. 

Eligibility Criteria

Amazon Posts program is only available for US marketplace sellers registered with Amazon Brand Registry. Each registered brand has its own Posts Profile.

Where do Amazon Posts Show?

Brand Posts show up at four places on the Amazon Marketplace, which are:

  • Brand Feed: Posts published by a brand appear in its feed. It can be accessed through the ‘Posts’  tab in the Amazon storefront. A customer visiting Amazon Brand Store can explore posts to see the offerings.
  • Products Details Pages: Brand Posts are also displayed on your product details pages. When customers visit a product page, they see the posts in a carousel format. Brands can keep customers engaged with their brand products through this additional area on the product page.
  • Other Brands’ Storefront & Product Pages: Your posts can appear in other brands’ feeds. If a brand does not regularly publish good-quality posts, Amazon tends to fill the space with engaging posts from other brands.
  • Category Feeds: Amazon generates a category/niche hashtag for each post, creating a category feed. Within this category feed, your posts are shown alongside those from your competitor brands.

Amazon algorithms ensure that your products are displayed in the right category, feed, product page, or related brand section. If you create your posts correctly, they will appear in all relevant categories, feeds, and pages.

How to Publish a Post on Amazon?

Creating an Amazon Brand Post is simple. A seller just needs to visit Amazon Post Publisher to get started. If you are visiting for the first time, Amazon will ask you to upload a Brand Logo and accept the Terms & Conditions. Each post requires a Product Picture, Caption & associated ASINs. An Amazon post has the following layout:

Amazon Post Layout

What Are The Benefits Of Using Amazon Posts?

The most crucial benefit of Amazon Posts is free organic visibility for your store and products. Benefits can be broken down into the following pointers:-

Increased brand visibility

With Amazon Posts, you can create and share high-quality creative visuals on the Amazon marketplace. This can help to increase your brand visibility and attract new customers to your brand store page.

Improved product discoverability

By including product ASINs in the posts, sellers make it easier for shoppers to find products on Amazon. Your products will show up in relevant categories, feeds, and product listing pages, ultimately increasing your product discoverability.

Increased customer engagement

Amazon Posts allows you to interact with customers by creating and sharing product-related content. This can help to increase customer engagement and create a sense of community around your brand.

Better Brand storytelling

Amazon Posts allow you to tell the story behind your products, highlighting key features, benefits, and unique selling points. More importantly, you can engage your followers through the latest brand updates.

Organic Sales on Amazon

By increasing brand visibility, improving product discoverability, and engaging with customers, Amazon Posts has the potential to drive sales and grow a seller’s business. The best thing about this is that you do not have to spend anything for it to work as it is entirely free.

FAQs about Amazon Posts

What Image Size Is Appropriate For Amazon Posts?

The appropriate image size for Amazon Posts is 640 x 320 pixels or greater, with an aspect ratio between 1:2 and 2:1.

Are videos allowed in a post?

No, Amazon Posts does not allow videos at the moment. They may include them in the future.

Do Amazon Posts expire?

By default, a post does not expire; however, you can set the withdrawal date if you want. Amazon Post allows you to set the withdrawal date, after which that post will not be shown.

What is the best time to post on Amazon?

The best time to post on Amazon is during peak shopping hours, holidays, and when your target audience is most likely to browse the platform. However, Amazon tends to prioritize the better engagement posts instead of only showing the latest ones.

What Is A Feed?

Amazon feed refers to different sections on product pages and the marketplace where your Amazon posts are displayed.

How Amazon Posts Help You Reach More Customers?

Amazon Posts is a powerful tool for sellers looking to reach more customers and grow their business on Amazon. It helps you generate more sales on Amazon. The key lies in publishing high-quality product visuals and expertly written captions to achieve the maximum effect. You can use our managed Amazon Posts publishing service for generating professionally designed product graphics and copywritten captions.

Amazon Posts is a powerful tool for registered Brands to promote their products and engage with customers on Amazon. It can help you take your brand to the next level. Use posts to showcase your products to increase their reach and sell more.

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