Amazon Listing Optimization Basics

Basics of Amazon Product Listing Optimization

A well crafted product listing constitute the basic building block of any successful Amazon business. No matter if it is a private product label, new retail arbitrage, or a special bundle, you will have to list them into the Amazon listings. It is important to have the product listings that attract the customers and urge them to click on your products, having informative and comprehensive product listings will help you to increase sales and improve the product rankings that will lead you to take your business to the next level

.To get the idea about the product listings you will have to go through from different Amazon product listings of other sellers, it will show you what good and complete product listings include. You will also find out some bad product listings that will help you to learn what to avoid. The major mistakes that sellers do while listing an Amazon product include common product classification errors, spelling mistakes, spam keywords, unclear titles, misleading images, and mistakes in product descriptions. In this article, you will get to know about the major components of Amazon product listings and different ways that will help you to improve your product listings and to enhance your Amazon product ranking. The list includes: 

  • Product Title
  • Product Images
  • Product Key Features
  • Product Description
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Product Reviews and Rankings

Product Title

The title is the most important component in any Amazon product listing because it is the very first thing that people see and this is the component that can attract the consumers and grab their attention to visit your product. According to Amazon, the title in the product listing should not be more than 200 characters that’s why it is important for the seller to include keywords, details, and facts that can tell the consumers what you are actually offering in the listings. According to the experts, brand name, color, condition, unit size, unit quantity, number of units in a pack, and the keywords are must-have elements in any Amazon product listings title.

The most important element in a title is to include the keywords that can help your product listing to appear in the Amazon search results. You should search for different product listings of related products to check what are the trends and needs of the customers, add the keywords on the basis of your research.  

Product Images

After a customized title, images are the elements that attract most of the customers. This is considered as the basic component of the Amazon product listings because images allow customers to see the physical product to know more about it. Customers say that they determine the size, shape, dimensions, and quality of the product through its images.

Usually, a product listing includes 5 to 7 images that should be of large size and high quality with a white background. It is recommended to add actual images instead of downloaded images because actual images will help to build customer trust. The images should be compatible with all types of devices such as a mobile app or desktop website. 

Product Key Features

The next component is to include the key feature as bullet points. This section helps customers to know more important things about the product and helps the seller with an additional opportunity to add extra keywords to rank high in search results. Bullet points are a great thing that can show the customers that your product is the best and is worth buying. The bullets usually include the top 5 plus points or features of your product. 

Product Description

This is a critical part of the Amazon product listings and usually comes at the bottom of the listings. The fact about product description is that only a minor number of persons read the description before purchasing the product but it develops a good impression on the customers and provides them a feeling of reliability. A description is the opportunity to tell your customer why your product is better than others.

It is recommended to choose the fonts from the given section and try to use the maximum of the 2,000 characters limit. Try to use short sentences that make it easier for the buyers to read and understand your company and product. In the description, you can explain other benefits, support your claims, and highlight your product’s uses.

Competitive Pricing

If you want to drive more traffic, increase sales, and grow your business, setting a competitive price on your product is important. Make sure that the product you are offering has a competitive price as compared to the other sellers of the same category or product. There is plenty of software that can help you in setting the best suitable price.

Product Reviews and Rankings

Product reviews are crucial to become a successful Amazon seller. Product reviews and ranking are must-have components of product listings because they provide consumers with the proof that your product is used by other customers and is of high quality. Keep this fact in mind that you have to deliver high-quality products to get positive reviews and a charming 5 Star rating on Amazon. By showing new visitors that you get in touch with your customers puts you one step ahead of your competitors. If you are a new seller and only have a few reviews then you can also run campaigns or promotions to get more positive product reviews.

The Bottom Line

Having attractive product listings is essential for the increase in sales and for the growth of an Amazon business. Your product listings are the only thing that can get your customers buy from your product page. Consider your product listings as a proposal to your customer, if you don’t send a well-written proposal, you can never get the benefit of an opportunity. That’s why keep the above-mentioned components in mind while listing your products on Amazon.

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