Use Promotions to Increase Sales of your Amazon Australia Products

Amazon Australia Promotions

Amazon offers plethora of tools to help sellers launch, promote & effectively market products in order to maximize sales and revenue. Discounts and promotions are a powerful marketing tool that allow Amazon sellers to gain more customers and in turn increase sales.

Why sell on Amazon Australia?

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The lure of Amazon lies in its capability to offer a large scale consumer market to the sellers while at the same time empowering them with tools and infrastructure to start and run business without any large scale investment. With their Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) offering sellers do not need to invest in building warehousing infrastructure. Just sign up with Amazon, create your product listing, send few items to Amazon FBA warehouse and you are in business!

Amazon Australia launches garden store

Amazon Australia

Online retail giant add more pressure to local businesses by opening its Garden store on Australian marketplace. The new garden store was rolled out on Tuesday and adds to the Amazon Australia’s existing collection of electronics, clothing and domestic products.

While talking to media the Australian chief highlighted that the Australian marketplace already boosts more than 125 million products and the newly launched ‘Garden’ store adds to this inventory by offering a range of enticing outdoor products from gardening equipment to pool supplies to patio furniture to BBQs.