How COVID-19 & Social Distancing is Boosting eCommerce

ECommerce boost due to Pandemic

Covid-19 pandemic is boosting eCommerce as millions of online users who have changed their behavior to save time, money, and avail convenience are putting a lot of pressure on eCommerce and online retailers. If we look around, every survey, report, and analysis shows results that eCommerce has boomed up to many folds because of this pandemic and it is expected that this boost will remain effective for many months to come.

Start Selling on Amazon to take Advantage of Online Sales Boost

Empty Mall with No Customer

The COVID 19 pandemic has shocked the entire world, changed the international supply chain, and has affected all types of businesses, however only business sector that is growing is the online business. There is no better time to launch an Amazon Business than now. Start selling today & take advantage of boost in eCommerce.

Amazon Tests Screening New Merchants Via Video Calls

Amazon Seller Video Scrutiny

Online retail and e-commerce giant, Amazon, is currently piloting an initiative in which merchants will be required to use video conference tools in order to verify their identity. This new plan is being considered as a possible solution in the battle against seller fraud without requiring any physical meetings amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Amazon will display Seller Information on store page

Amazon Seller Information

Amazon announced a major change for sellers on its USA marketplace, this week as part of an update that will be introduced in the near future. Amazon Sellers will soon be required to display both their business name and their address on their seller profile pages. Merchants who work as individual sellers will be required to input their own personal name and address.

Quantity Limits End for Amazon FBA Sellers

Amazon Seller Shoe Inventory

This news comes more than two months after Amazon imposed restrictions on FBA quantity limits in all major markets including the US. This has been part of an incremental “re-opening” of the market that is operating quite closely to the incremental phases that governments are using to re-open their economies.