Inventory is the fuel for an eCommerce business. As an Amazon seller, maintaining the correct stock balance is vital for maximum profitability. One can neither have lost revenue due to out-of-stock products nor can you keep excessive inventory resulting in higher FBA storage fees. Inventory Management for Amazon FBA Sellers requires a systematic approach to managing stock levels, forecasting demand, and ensuring that you always have enough stock to meet customer demand.

At the beginning of July, China to US West Coast prices climbed 7% to $2,796, a figure that loomed a worrying 76% above the levels of July 2019. Similarly, the East Coast prices also climbed 3% to $3,458, 23% higher than the levels seen last year. This news came about a third consecutive General Rate Increase on Chinese goods coming into the country at the start of July thanks to a rise in importer demand. Some importers have even been seen attempting to add Peak Season Surcharges to their prices.