Demographic Data for Amazon Sellers

Key Demographic Data & Product Breakdown for Amazon Sellers

A report from Latona’ has outlined the best products, categories, countries and demographics for Amazon sellers by analysing a series of different data sets.

The United States boasts 69% of total Amazon sales, an unsurprising fact as CEO Jeff Bezos has long since made America the target audience and home of the company. In 2019 alone, the US accounted for $193,640,000,000 of Amazon sales. In comparison, the UK had just 6% of the total sales last year and the rest of the world combined accounted for just 25%. So, when it comes to selling on Amazon, America is the place to be!

An impressive 85% of all Amazon Prime customers visit the website once per week and 45% place at least one order per seven days.

In terms of selling potential, the most potent category for Amazon sales worked out to be ‘Movies and TV’ with 1,030 potential prime shoppers per seller. Other popular categories included ‘Cell Phone and Accessories’, ‘Baby’, ‘Electronics’, ‘Pet Supplies’, and ‘Books’.

However, when looking at actual purchases, ‘Electronics’ came out on top with 44%. This was also the most popular category in the search bar with nine out of the ten most searched for items coming under ‘Electronics’. The most searched for product was the Nintendo Switch with 1,020,000 Amazon searches. When it comes to seller demographics, the study found that 57% are between the ages of 25 and 44. Looking at the comparison between genders, 69% of Amazon sellers are male.

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