How to Sell Dietary Supplements on Amazon?

How to sell dietary supplements on Amazon?

To succeed while selling dietary supplements on Amazon, you must know and follow Amazon’s requirements & policies, perform detailed market research and have a professionally executed marketing & advertising plan.

How To Create an Amazon Seller Account?

Requirements & Process to create an Amazon Seller Account

Amazon requires all its sellers to create, verify, and maintain an individual/professional seller account. Read on to learn requirements and how to create one.

What Is Amazon FBA?

What is Amazon FBA?

As a seller on Amazon’s marketplace, you have the option to either fulfill customer orders yourself or let Amazon do it through their FBA program. In this article, we’ll be walking you through the in’s and out’s of Amazon FBA so that you can better understand what it is and how it can revolutionize the way you sell online. Don’t worry if this is your first run in with FBA, we’ll be taking it slow!

Freight Costs Continue to Rise From China to USA

Freight Container Lined Up

China to US West Coast prices climbed 7% to $2,796,Similarly, the East Coast prices also climbed 3% to $3,458, 23% higher than the levels seen last year. This news came about a third consecutive General Rate Increase on Chinese goods coming into the USA.

Amazon will display Seller Information on store page

Amazon Seller Information

Amazon announced a major change for sellers on its USA marketplace, this week as part of an update that will be introduced in the near future. Amazon Sellers will soon be required to display both their business name and their address on their seller profile pages. Merchants who work as individual sellers will be required to input their own personal name and address.