Amazon Brand Registry for Australia

What is Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand Registry ( ) tells Amazon Australia that you own the particular brand. It helps you to fight off counterfeits, fakes and other scams trying to capitalize on your brand popularity. For any serious seller selling private label or other branded products, signing up with Amazon Brand Registry is a must!

What is brand?

Amazon defines brand as:

Amazon considers a brand to be a name that represents a product or set of products. Products from the same brand share a common name, logo, or other identifying mark that appears on the product or its packaging and distinguishes those products from similar products that do not belong to that brand. Brands often have trademarks that act as a common name or logo.

Amazon Brand Name Policy :

Using a same brand name for all of your products is not enough, you need to have an active registered trademark with IP Australia Agency before you are eligible to apply for registration with Amazon Brand Registry.

Benefits of Amazon Brand Registry

Brand Protection

Listing Search Tool

As soon as you are registered with Amazon, you can view all the listings within Amazon Marketplace using your brand name. This gives you complete visibility for free, instead of using third party services to locate the listings. Furthermore, Amazon’s advanced search tool allows you to see all the listings which have used your brand name any where in their listing be it title, description or bullet points and not necessarily the brand name field. This access to all information allows you to identify:

  1. Fake Product Listings : Products copying your popular listings that are not manufactured by you but use your brand name.
  2. Counterfeit Sellers: Sellers selling counterfeit/fake products using your own genuine product listings.
  3. Product listings in Foreign Marketplaces: Through Amazon brand registry, you can identify the sellers selling products using your brand name in other Amazon marketplaces like Canada, India or USA.

Complaint & Reporting Tool

As soon as you have identified the product listings & sellers that are using your brand name illegally, you can easily report them from within Amazon search tool. This makes searching and reporting very easy and straight forward. Each of your reported complaint is created as new case and afterwards you can track all your cases through Amazon brand registry.

Enhanced Brand Tools for Sellers

Being member of Amazon Brand Registry has additional perks if you are also Amazon Seller. After approval as Amazon brand, you get to have access to:

  • Enhanced Brand Content
  • Brand Stores
  • Brand Dashboard
  • Sponsored Brands

Brand Control for Non-sellers

Amazon Brand Registry allows you complete control over product listing pages created under your brand name. Brand registry dashboard is separate from Amazon Seller Dashboard, this allows non-sellers to also register as brand owner with Amazon and control the content related to your brand.

Enrolling into Amazon Brand Registry for Australia

We have gone through the Amazon brand basics and its benefits, now that it appears we have everything to gain and nothing to lose by enrolling your brand into Amazon brand registry. Registering brand is free and there are no subscription or enrollment fees, while enrolling the brand, Amazon will ask you for following details:

  1. Your brand name
  2. The associated government-registered trademark details.
  3. Product categories (e.g., apparel, sporting goods, electronics) in which your brand should be listed.
  4. Countries where your brand’s products are manufactured and distributed.


Amazon brand registry is a tool available to manufacturers and brand owners for controlling the presence of their brand within Amazon ecosystem. You do not necessarily need to be seller on Amazon to register and manage your brand. Apart from ability to monitor the local Australian presence, you can also track your brand usage on other foreign Amazon marketplaces. Signing up with Amazon Brand Registry is simple & straight forward procedure, you need to have an already registered trademark with IP Australia to enroll your brand with Amazon.

Do you need help with:-

  • Enrolling your brand with Amazon Brand Registry
  • Consultation for Australia brands that currently do not sell on Amazon
  • Monitoring & Enforcing brand policies in Amazon Marketplace

If you need assistance with any of the above, do not hesitate to reach out by using this contact form.

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