17 Ways to Increase Sales on Amazon

Success in the Amazon marketplace requires continuous review and optimization.Check out the top 17 ways to increase Sales on Amazon.
17 Ways to Increase Sales on Amazon - Seller Adventures

Are you looking to boost your sales on Amazon? Whether you’re a seasoned seller or new to the platform, it’s essential to constantly look for ways to increase sales on Amazon and grow your FBA business. In this post, we’ll explore proven tips and strategies for increasing sales on Amazon. From optimizing your product listing to utilizing Amazon’s advertising tools and leveraging social media, there are many ways to get your product in front of more customers and drive sales. So if you’re ready to take your Amazon sales to the next level, keep reading to learn more!

Amazon is a data-driven company, and success in the marketplace requires gathering market data, generating valuable insights, and consistently optimizing product listings according to changing customer behaviors. Below are the top 17 strategies to increase your sales on Amazon.

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How to Increase Sales on Amazon

It is essential to constantly look for ways to increase Amazon Sales for seasoned and new sellers. Follow these 17 proven ways to grow your sales on Amazon.

    1.   Implement Amazon SEO

    Product discovery in Amazon starts with the large search box on top of every page in the Amazon marketplace. A customer searches for the product, finds it on Amazon’s Search Engine Result Page (SERP), and buys it. Optimizing your products to make them rank higher in Amazon product searches is known as Amazon Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

    Amazon works similarly to any other search engine; it generates the SERPs by determining the product relevance to customer search queries through keywords used in the listings. Use correct keywords, and your product will show up in relevant SERPs. Optimize your products for relevant keywords to improve product ranking, resulting in more sales. Detailed market research will help you find the best keywords for your product listings.

    2. Optimize Product Listings

    First, ensure your product listings are complete and accurate and include high-quality media elements and detailed descriptions. Next, use your understanding of SERPs and create a plan to optimize the products. Amazon product listing optimization is a continuous process based on performance parameters and goals. An example of the desired goal can be either increasing traffic or improving conversion rates. Optimize your product pages for traffic to increase sales; however, I have laid out a brief overview of both types of optimization below:- 

    Optimization for Traffic

    Once you optimize your products to generate more traffic, your goal is to appear in SERPs for as many relevant keywords as possible. Secondly, for the most relevant keywords, you will want to appear higher in the SERPs. Do your research, find the best keywords, and then use them in product listings. Remember, keyword placement is much more crucial than simply inserting keywords. Place your keywords strategically in the product title, features, description, and backend keywords.

    Optimization for Conversion

    Product optimization for conversion involves making your product pages appealing to drive more sales from the visitors landing on your product pages. It uses better copywriting techniques, competitive pricing, professionally & purposefully designed media elements (product photos and videos), and beautifully created enhanced content pages. Aim to convert every visitor landing on your product page into a customer.

    3.   Upgrade Product Photos

    Product photos drive the most click-through on Amazon; furthermore, stunning visuals can positively impact purchasing decisions. Upgrade your Amazon Product Photos for a quick sales boost. Professional Product Photos establish the high quality of the product in the customer’s mind; they drive more traffic and improve conversion rates. Display each feature of your product through the photos and further enhance the features that have the most customer demand.

    4.   Add Videos to your Product Listings

    Professionally created videos on your product page can significantly increase your sales on Amazon. A good product video introduces the product, defines its uses, and enhances its features to drive more sales. Product videos must aim to aid the customers in their purchase decision.

    Here are some dos and don’ts of adding video on Amazon product page.

    • The video must be clear, concise, and informative.
    • The video must be focused on the product.
    • Show the product usage in the video.
    • Do not add random music or voice effects to the video.
    • Do not add any irrelevant material to the video.

    5.   Use Competitive Pricing Strategies

    Have you ever wondered why people prefer buying from Amazon? There are several key reasons, and low product pricing is one of them. Amazon has tools available in Seller Central that allow automating the pricing, especially when competing with other sellers for the buy box of a product listing. Competitive product pricing provides you with an immediate sales boost. Get a quick sales boost through price reduction and sustain the momentum through your Advertising & Marketing Strategy.

    6. Continuously Track & Improve Your Offerings

    Monitor your SERP rankings, track the BSR daily, and identify emerging trends. Are your weekly sales increasing or dropping? What about the market share? Keep an eye on your competitors and continuously improve your products by adding new features or variations to stay ahead in the market. Tracking and Optimizing ensure long-term success for Amazon Sellers.

    7. Coupons, Deals & Promotions

    Coupons, deals, and promotions are a few ways for sellers and vendors to help drive sales and increase product visibility. Coupons improve product visibility within SERP, while a well-executed 12-hour Deal can result in sales momentum, which can sustain for days. Promotions are great tools for combination marketing, especially Influencer & Off-Amazon. These promotions can be a great way to increase visibility for products and drive sales, especially during peak shopping periods like holidays. By combining coupons, deals, and promotions, sellers and vendors can create a sense of urgency and encourage customers to purchase.

    8.   Get More Product Reviews

    Product reviews are essential for Amazon’s algorithm and customers during their purchase journey. As a seller, you need reviews to increase sales, so aim to build up your product reviews quickly. Here are some successful strategies that Amazon sellers deploy to get more reviews.

    Reach out to Customers

    Reach out to existing customers prompting them to give a review. You can request a review by directly sending a message or through the ‘Request Review’ button on the individual order page.

    Enroll in Amazon Vine

    Enroll your recently launched product in Amazon’s Vine program. Vine Program will help quickly get much-needed reviews at the product launch. Initial review solicitation must be an essential part of your product launch strategy.

    9.   Use Fulfillment By Amazon (FBA)

    If you are currently fulfilling your customer order yourself, shifting to FBA will result in an immediate sales boost. Amazon prefers FBA offers for Buy Box and in search results, and FBA offers are prime eligible, resulting in additional sales from Amazon Prime Customers.

    10. Improve Stock Management

    A consistently low Best Seller Rank (BSR) will result in better ranking in Amazon SERPs and better visibility within Amazon Eco System. Going out of stock will result in a gradual increase in BSR. The longer the product stays out of stock, the harder it becomes to return to the earlier sales momentum. Always take into account the demand variations while placing replenishment orders. Improve your FBA inventory management through better forecasting models while considering seasonal variations and sales trajectory. Use Forward Placement, Amazon Warehousing Program, and express shipping modes to avoid going out of stock.

    11. Enroll in Amazon Brand Registry

    Amazon Brand Registry is a must for every growing seller business on Amazon. Enroll in Amazon Brand Registry as soon as possible. If you are not enrolled, you are missing out on several free marketing tools and data analytics necessary to take your Amazon business to the next level. Additionally, It is imperative to ensure that no one is infringing on your brand or selling counterfeit using your brand name. You can do that by enrolling yourself in the Amazon Brand Registry. It gives you access to the tools that help you protect your products and brand image. Learn More about the Amazon Brand Registry, its benefits, and the enrollment process.

    12. Re-Design Your Amazon Storefront

    Amazon Storefront / Brand Store allows Brands enrolled with Brand Registry to create a customized, branded online store on the Amazon marketplace. A good Amazon storefront design effectively showcases your products, tells your brand story, and creates a positive user experience for customers. Use a well-organized layout, clear & consistent branding, high-quality images & videos, and easy-to-find Call-to-Action modules. By incorporating these elements into your Amazon brand store design, you can create an engaging, user-friendly, and effective storefront that will help to increase sales and boost your brand visibility on Amazon.

    13. Utilize Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Program

    Amazon’s Subscribe & Save Program can be a good sales booster if your products have repeat customers. Products like health supplements, groceries, food, drinks, toiletries, beauty products, and other products that a customer would need regularly are a good fit for this program. This program provides discounted pricing for customers, while for you, as a seller, it will be additional sales through repeat purchases.

    14. Improve Conversion Rates through A+ Content

    Improve your Product Sales by converting more visitors into customers; one way to achieve this is through Enhanced Product Pages or A+ Content. A+ content is available to brands enrolled in Amazon’s brand registry, and it is one of the most effective ways to boost sales by improving conversion rates. A+ Content allows you to achieve a different product page layout through various modules like comparison charts, Hero graphics, Large Pictures, Videos, and highlighted text features. Each of these modules helps you enhance the overall look of your product page and make it more convincing so that customers decide to buy your product. A professional Amazon A+ Design service can help you quickly improve the product pages for an immediate increase in product sales. As a seller, Amazon Brand Store and A+ Pages are a must to grow on Amazon.

    15. Leverage the Power of Posts

    Use Amazon Posts to create and publish visual content using product photos, videos, lifestyle imagery, and infographics. Like social media platforms, Amazon Posts can drive free organic traffic to your products and store through engaging content. Amazon Posts program is currently available in the USA marketplace for brands enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry.

    16. Create Virtual Product Bundles

    Virtual product bundles allow you to cross-sell by grouping your products into a single product bundle with its independent product page. You can create a virtual product bundle of your slow-selling product with one performing better or cross-sell by bundling together the complimentary products. The virtual product bundle remains active as long as all products are in stock; as soon as any product runs out of stock, the virtual bundle becomes inactive.

    17. Use Off-Amazon Marketing

    If your product belongs to a hyper-competitive niche (like health supplements) with the cost of clicks so high that it makes sense to drive traffic from Off-Amazon sources. Depending on your target persona and product niche, you can either go for Google Ads, Social Media Marketing, or a mix of both. It may be unwise to rely on paid advertising only; boost your product sales through social media campaigns, influencer outreach, or product placements. Combine your marketing with a discount promotion, and viola, you will have a rapid sales buildup afterward; maintain the momentum through Amazon tools to maximize your ROI.

    With the e-commerce giant becoming the go-to destination for online shoppers, it’s no surprise that businesses need to look for new ways as well as continuously improve existing assets (Stores, Listings, Campaigns) to capitalize on the platform’s immense reach and customer base. We explored various strategies, if implemented with a proper growth plan, can help an Amazon Seller to increase sales and grow business. 

    Share your thoughts on the ways to boost Amazon sales in the comment section below. Let us know what techniques do you use or if you have any questions.

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